5 Creative Ways to Practice Mindfulness

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Mindfulness is the act of being present with the present state. In mindfulness meditation, you may use an anchor for your attention and awareness.

Using the Breath as an Anchor

This is a really accessible place to start. Begin by using the breath as an anchor for your awareness, consciously bringing your awareness back to the breath.

Notice the inhales, and the exhales.

Notice the length of the inhales, and exhales.

Notice the pace of the breath.

Is there room to slow down?

Meditation During a Nature Walk

That's right, meditation does not have to be done while sitting still, or even just while sitting! You can practice mindfulness meditation while walking around your favorite place.

You might try taking a walk outside and noticing, just noticing different sensations.

The pace of your steps.

The feeling of the ground against your feet.

The sounds in your environment.

Notice if there are any people around.

Are there any sounds in your environment?

Singing Meditation

Hold on, meditation while singing? I thought meditation had to be quiet, and that my mind had to be blank.

Mindfulness can be practiced while singing, and in fact, meditating while singing is extremely beneficial for singers. You can try to notice the feeling of your voice as it resonates. Is there any tension being held in your body that may be holding your voice back?

How authentically aligned is your voice with your whole self?

How free does the breath and voice feel?

Notice the lyrics you are singing.

Notice the feeling of the words as you sing them.

Singing meditations can activate what's called the vagus nerve, which signals to the body that we are safe.

Music Meditation

Go ahead and create a playlist of your favorite songs. You can make this playlist as short or as long as you'd like.

Play the music and in a comfortable position, allow the music to relax you.

Notice the lyrics, melody, and emotions of the song.

What do you notice about these songs that you have never noticed before?

How does this music move you?

Dancing Meditation

Oh, yeah! We can still be mindful while moving fast, or slow, or while changing our movements to the beat of the music.

We are activating the vagus nerve again with our dancing!

Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere, and at anytime. There is no right or wrong way to practice mindfulness.

For any questions or comments, email and I'll be happy to talk about mindfulness anyday, anytime :)

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