Heather Gross, M.S. CCC-SLP, CYT

Welcome to my yoga and wellness site! I am a speech pathologist, voice teacher, vocal technician, and avid vocalist. Throughout my journey as a vocologist, I quickly discovered the deep connection between the voice, body, and mind. Yoga and mindfulness have also helped me forge my own path as an SLP and create a balanced, fulfilling, and authentic career to fulfill the needs of my soul and to honor my true self. 

I am a holistic voice specialist, vocalist, mindfulness meditation teacher, transformational life coach, and yoga teacher. But at my essence, I am sparkly, joyful, authentic, creative, and compassionate. 

When I first began working, I felt stuck. I felt the need to create more. I felt the need to help my clients on a deeper, more holistic soul level.   

In April 2020, I created Live Vocally, a virtual voice studio which focuses on helping gender diverse speakers and singers create their authentic voice. In working with these clients, I discovered that the work I was doing goes beyond simply modifying the voice. The work I do is about helping individuals step into their full self expression. I also began working at an online tele- therapy company that aligns with my values and passions! 

I envisioned the idea for Live Mindfully during a mindfulness meditation. I envisioned the theme of authenticity across my two businesses and how I can help people realize their true potential through accessing a peaceful and aware state of mind. 

In addition to my degree in Speech-Language Pathology, my certification in Vocology, and experience as a singing voice specialist, I am certified in the Transformational Communication Method™ through the Coaching Therapist Institute. I pursued further training in the area of positive psychology through the School of Positive Transformations, and I am a certified positive mindfulness and meditation teacher and yoga teacher.

Through authenticity and mindfulness, you are likely to experience higher levels of motivation, creativity, enhanced understanding of your core values, and the essence of what makes you uniquely you! If you are ready to live mindfully and forge fearlessly into creating a life that makes you truly happy, I am here for you!

With Metta and Gratitude, Namaste!  



  • Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Transformational Coach

  • Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher 

  • Master of Science in Speech Pathology

  • Certified Vocologist 

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“Heather helped me reframe how I saw myself as a creator! We were able to unpack beliefs I held that were no longer serving me and upgrade them to new and more useful ones. I feel more capable of chasing my dreams."

-young adult artist

“I began working with Heather on a mission to find my passion, and in just 3 sessions, that's exactly what we did. Heather is an expert at guiding you through self-exploration and I had so much fun throughout the process. I feel so much more confident and empowered to pivot my career and I am beyond excited to embark on this new journey of mine!"

-young professional

"Heather’s welcoming and calming presence immediately put at us ease even though this was something entirely new to us.  While it was a short, focused session, it had a lasting impact upon us. It was definitely worth our time, and we are looking forward to future sessions with Heather."

-small mindfulness group