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Wellness coaching for professional voice users.

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Live Mindfully is a virtual yoga studio and coaching practice owned by a speech pathologist, voice teacher, and vocalist. Discovering the effect of mindfulness and yoga on the voice, and having the desire to share her journey navigating a balanced life as an SLP, Heather aims to create a safe space for Speech Therapists, Singers, Speakers, Creators, and Empowered Women to find their voice, spark, and joy. 

The Live Mindfully approach encompasses the mind, body, and voice to help individuals find balance and to become fully embodied. Live Mindfully offers the following services and group classes: 

  • Yoga for Singers and Speakers 

  • Yoga for Vocal Health and Well Being 

  • Breathe and Flow 

  • Mindfulness for People who Stutter



Mindfulness  Coaching + Private Yoga

One-on-one yoga and mindfulness classes individualized to fit your needs

Mind Body Voice Classes

Discover the unique group classes that we offer!